Types Of Magical Arts
January 14, 2024

Magic entails invoking unseen supernatural forces to influence events or effect the illusion of change in physical activities. Magicians do this in various ways, from invoking spirits for assistance to affecting the very attributes of objects. The different ways of using magic are known as types or practices of magical arts.

Magicians usually specialize in particular magic practices and may absolutely avoid some based on good and evil. This article discusses some of the types of magical arts.

Divination: Divination is trying to get intel about a situation through an oracle. For example, you had a dream and want to know what it means. So you go to a diviner to communicate with higher powers that can explain what the dream means. That’s divination. It is any occultic ritual or process that you do to gain insight into a question or know what to do about a situation. You can use tools such as Norse runes, tea leaves and tarot cards for divination.

Astrology: It is the study of the movements and position of celestial bodies and interpreting this to discern information about human affairs. Astrologers believe that the universe or higher powers can foretell or communicate to humans through the sun, moon, stars, and planetary bodies. By studying the alignments of these bodies at a particular time, you may be able to give interpretation to certain events or predict what will happen. Daily horoscopes and zodiac signs are determined and interpreted this way.

Alchemy: You can call this magical chemistry. It attempts to combine chemistry and speculative philosophy to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary. Alchemists try to turn base metals such as lead into higher metals like gold based on their belief that base metals are spiritually and physically immature forms of higher metals. And with the right combination of substances, the base metal can attain spiritual maturity. Most alchemists believe in the philosopher’s stone – a liquid that is said to heal, give immortality, and change base metals to gold.

Conjuration: Stage magicians do a run-down version of conjuration when producing rabbits or birds from their hats. Conjuration is the power to create something or summon someone out of thin air. It is usually done by reciting incantations, casting spells, or performing rituals. When you conjure something, you subject it to your will. You can conjure spirits, animals, images, and even abstract things like diseases, death, or misfortune and use them for your desired purpose.

Necromancy: Through the magic of the dead, you can communicate with the deceased either by summoning their ghost, raising them bodily, or in a vision. The art is generally regarded as dark magic and may be very dangerous for both the practitioner and other people. Necromancers usually seek guidance, dark power, or secret knowledge from the dead.

Esoteric practices were practiced in most ancient religions and cultures to know the mind of the divine and put order in society. Today, they have given way, whether subtly or explicitly, to performance magic which is a means of entertainment.