February 9, 2024

Hey guys this is Martha from all magical things So glad you made it over today to see this new blog I posted. I would love your feedback. Let me know what you think about it. I’m going to be doing more later so stay tuned. It’s good to see you again.  

So lets get started on another Crystal.  Today I have chosen yellow Citrine.  Naturally occurring Citrine . It comes in clusters and geodes and a lot of Polished Stones as well.  Yellow Citrine is a translucent Crystal. Just like amethyst we spoke about earlier, Citrine can be made into jewelry. It usually comes from Brazil France Great Britain Peru in the United States. The brightness of the yellow of this Stone will vary from Stone to Stone.  I really enjoy the color of this Crystal. I have a large one at the house that my friend gave to me from when she went out west a couple of years ago years ago.

I find that this Stone helps me to enhance my creativity. Therefore I usually keep it by my side when I am writing. It also helps to transform negative energy to a positive energy.  If you are low on self-esteem you should carry this Stone on your person daily. It helps to boost anyone’s self-esteem. Why wouldn’t it, it’s a beautiful yellow color and it makes you feel good.  Instead of absorbing negative energy Citrine will clear it. 

Citrine is an excellent Stone to use during chakra healing of the solar plexus. I prefer to use a natural Citrine Stone when working with the solar plexus.  I find that natural Citrine is more likely to have a consistent energy then a man-made stone would have.  When I leave the house I will carry one in my pocket.  One can also wear a bracelet or a ring with Citrine.  This will help open up the solar plexus during your day as well as keeping the negativity away. This beautiful stone will always enhance your thoughts of positive possibilities. 

I will use Citrine during my meditations too. Especially when I am feeling less positive about being short on money. It is known to be a stone of abundance and manifestation. I will also ask for greater creativity when I am having writer blocks. It seems to help a lot.  It helps to  keep me grounded. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article. I’m going to be bringing more later so I hope you return.  Till next time, this is Martha. Have a great day y’all!