Top 5 Uses Of Tarot Cards
February 9, 2024

When people think of tarot cards, the first thing that comes to mind is that gypsy lady at a carnival, sitting behind her crystal ball, in her tent of mysteries, ready to read your fortune for a fee.

Is that all there is to tarot cards? No, that is just a stereotype; there is more to tarot cards than just fortune-telling. This article will share five ways to incorporate tarot cards into your daily life.

1. Meditation

This has several benefits, ranging from relieving stress and anxiety to improving concentration and memory recollection. Including a tarot card or two to your meditation process can add bearing to your day.

Begin by shuffling your deck, then pick any card. Set the card in front of yourself. You can decide to look at the card during your meditation session or look at the card for a short period before shutting your eyes. During meditation, concentrate on the images within the card. What could it represent? What does your intuition have to say about it? How can you utilize this card to direct your actions and intentions for the rest of the day?

2. Creative Spark

Creatives across different professions use tarot cards as a source of inspiration as a creative tarot card helps you tap into the imaginative wealth of your subconscious mind. Whether you are writing, drawing, or engaged in other fields, tarot cards can ignite inspiration.   Start by shuffling your tarot cards, then pick a card. Ponder on the card’s illustrations and the meaning it holds. Then, begin constructing your story arc, paint your picture or anything inspired by the card. Don’t worry about being specific. Just go with the flow.

3. Decision Making

When you come to a crossroads and just can’t decide what to do in some complex situations, this is where tarot cards shine and give you a simple answer. Instead of thinking and racking your brain, put your trust in the strength of your subconscious mind and your intuition.

Grab a tarot deck; shuffle the cards while pondering about your decision and the options you could choose from. Select a tarot card and consider its imagery and significance. The meaning of the card picked doesn’t matter here. The key is depending on your intuition to guide you to the decision that’s truly right for you.

4. Tarot Journaling

This lets you develop an in-depth, significant, and personal affinity with individual cards. It is selecting a card or several, examining it, pondering, and studying it and writing down your remarks and findings.

5. Visualizing & Manifesting Desires

Visualization is a crucial practice for boosting performance and success. How do tarot cards aid visualization? It is straightforward: select the tarot card that most closely aligns with your goals and meditate on its meaning regularly so much that it becomes a part of your subconscious mind

For instance, if you want a promotion at work, select the Sun (the card that often signifies success) and contemplate it.