How To Use A Crystal Ball
February 11, 2024

Are you an upcoming magician seeking to learn how to use a crystal ball? Here’s an article on how to see the future and tell fortunes using a magic crystal ball.

Magic crystal balls are transparent spheres made of crystals, quartz, leaded glass, or other polished stones. A crystal ball is usually one-dimensional and smooth, unlike artificial glass balls on the surface. The size of a ball usually ranges from a fist-size to a grapefruit-size or even bigger. You can place it on a stand for convenience and easy gazing.

Uses of a Crystal Ball

Magic crystal balls are generally used for divination, seeing beyond the present to know a hidden event or what will happen in the future. Also known as gazing, the seer has to concentrate on the sphere until the conscious mind gives way to the unconscious and lets in information from the spiritual realm.

You can also use the ball for meditation. Using a crystal ball for Feng Shui in your room can help bring clarity, deep understanding, and brightness to your space. You can also channel healing energies this way.

How to Use a Crystal Ball

A key element to using a crystal ball is choosing one that is comfortable for you. Get a crystal that is not too big or too small. You can leave the ball on its stand or hold it in your palms as you use it.

You should use a crystal ball in a quiet, dark room or at night to avoid distractions. You can use incense or soothing music to set the mood and clear the energy in your space. Gaze, not stare, into the ball. Breathe in and breathe out for fifteen to twenty minutes.

To scry or seek out information from the spiritual realm:

  • Place your hands on the ball to channel your energy to it.
  • Close your eyes and meditate on what you want to know.
  • Take your hands off the crystal and gaze into it.
  • Allow yourself to relax until your sight is unfocused on the crystal.
  • Wait until you see smoky images form on the crystal. You can interpret the images with a crystal ball guidebook.
  • When you are done deciphering the visions, allow the images to disperse until they are gone completely.

You can also try the same process with a partner. You both hold the crystal for a few minutes and then gaze into the ball simultaneously. Describe your visions at the same time to test your accuracy.

Closing Ritual

Your crystal ball is a means of channeling energies between you and the spiritual realm. To close the energies after use, cleanse it with a clean velvet cloth and cover it with the same material until your next scrying. Do not allow anyone else to touch it.

Learning how to scry requires a lot of practice before becoming confident. So, give yourself time to get used to gazing into your ball and learning how to interpret the images accurately.