Top 5 People That Are Skilled In The Use Of Crystal
January 5, 2024

Due to the immeasurable value of crystals, many people have used crystals for certain reasons such as healing, protection, a tool for worship, energy, etc. The benefits of using Crystals, as opposed to other materials, are unique because of their supernatural powers.

The credibility, the evident results, the healing, etc., have made many people believe in the use of crystals. The use of crystals takes a lot of learning and skill to master its use, and over the years, some people have mastered the skill of using it. Below are the top 5 popular people that are skilled in the use of crystals:

1. Heidi Pratt

Heidi Pratt is highly renowned for using crystals and owns Pratt Daddy Crystal’s crystal business. She strongly believes in the healing powers of crystals and claims to have utilized them during the birth of her son, in which over $27,000 worth of crystals were gathered around her. The event was an exemplification of her powers and skillfulness in using crystal stones.

2. Kim Kardashian-West

Prior to her being robbed at gunpoint in Paris in 2016, Kim Kardashian-West was not interested in using crystals. She became curious and inspired by its use when her friends decided to visit her with healing crystals to help her get over the shock of the attack. After the incident, she learned about the spirit and energy connected to the stone and utilized them to boost her perfume business. She believes that Crystals have good energy, healing, and calmness and are regarded as skilled in using crystals.

3. Debra Messing

While Debra Messing is regarded as a novice in the use of crystals, she has recently built up her skills regarding the use of crystals. She believes in the energizing powers of crystals and always puts them on as part of her jewelry. According to her, natural things have certain benefits and unique purposes. Her best crystal is Malachite, which she believes helps her access and maintain innate power and protection against negativity.

4. Miranda Kerr

One exciting fact about Miranda Kerr is that she is always with crystals wherever she goes. She places crystals in her bra, handbag, and all her products specifically made are filled with crystals especially rose quartz, before they are taken out for sale. The main reason she is skilled in using crystals is that she grew up with the help of crystals from her grandparents. She picked up her interest in crystals from her grandfather, who bequeathed many crystals to her grandmother. And following several years of lessons, she is now regarded as highly skilled in their usage.

5. Julianne Hough

One of the important benefits of using crystals is that it helps you meditate and connect with higher powers. Julianne Hough is an excellent example of an individual skilled in using crystals. She frequently uses her spiritual and temporal stones to connect to higher powers during meditation. She puts them around her and believes crystals help her fight negative energies and disconnect from society.