Tips On How To Maximize Your Crystals
January 12, 2024

Today, crystals are used for more than decorating and beautifying our homes. They possess unique abilities that help people get through their day-to-day activities. From healing to ward off negative energy, crystals now serve numerous purposes in people’s lives. Here are seven ways you can maximize the use of crystals in your everyday life to get started.

1. Holding Your Crystal During Your Daily Activities

Crystals emit positive energy that helps you attain inner peace, and a good way to keep this consciousness in place is to carry a crystal with you throughout your day. The more contact you have with a crystal, the more aware you will be of the crystal’s energy. You can carry a crystal in your purse, wallet, bag, or clothes.

2. Using Crystals During Yoga

Yoga helps you clear your mind and inner self while increasing your body’s flexibility and durability. A good way to get maximum satisfaction during yoga is to keep your crystal(s) close to or on your yoga mat. It creates an aura of calmness and tranquility and helps you to better connect with your mind. While using Crystals During Yoga, there is always an ability to help you maximize the full benefits of yoga.

3. Placing Them in Your Room

Many people suffer from lack of sleep and insomnia, but a quality crystal will help you overcome this problem. It is ideal to place your crystal in your bedroom to bring tranquility and a harmonious energy field and encourage restful sleep. An example is the celestite crystal that you can put in your room to help you sleep well.

4. Placing Crystals in Your Home 

Crystals can serve the double function of being decorative and creating a positive atmosphere in your house. They are renowned for emitting positive energy that promotes tranquility, calmness, and peace and wades off negative energy.

5. Holding a Crystal During Meditation

Meditation entails attempting to clear one’s mind and soul and connecting to the energy of nature around us. Carrying a crystal in your hand while meditating can help you achieve a deeper connection with the universe. It creates a sense of peace and tranquility that enables you to direct the flow of your emotions towards your focus. Different crystals cause different feelings and sensations, and you can connect to their energies when you hold them during meditation.

6. Gifting Crystals to Others

Another good way to maximize the use of crystals is to give crystals to friends, family, and loved ones as gifts. You may give someone a crystal to protect against evil, attract wealth and prosperity to them, or provide them with good luck. Giving crystals to others also helps you express your feelings and love towards them.

7. Placing Crystals on your Body

Placing crystals on strategic parts of your body known as chakra points helps you heal and unblock your chakras. For instance, placing a Rose Quartz crystal on your heart opens your heart chakra and enables you to find and express love and compassion to others. Also, putting a crystal on your head opens your crown chakra for guidance, enlightenment, and understanding.