The Scorpion
January 18, 2024

I live in the country in the middle of a wooded six acres. Even though I live in the country now, I grew up in the city. There are a lot of bugs in the woods, we didn’t have in the city. I’m going to tell you a little story about a little magical scorpion with a message for me. Most don’t like to think about scorpions. Except maybe those that are out in the desert that can swallow somebody whole.

Unfortunately, my husband passed away some time ago. I’ve been out here by myself for about 10 years. For some ungodly reason, shortly after my husband passed away, I started having a lot of problems with scorpions coming into the house. I’m lucky I have parquet floors, which help me see these Critters when they come in. It had gotten to a point where there were at least five to ten of them a day that I would be killing.

I thought about calling in an exterminator to get rid of them. I read on the internet that you had to kill them individually and that a spray really does not do much damage to them. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy about that. I wasn’t going to take the flashlight into the crawl space and kill every one of them myself. So I would just wait until they came up, and I would kill one when I saw it. Of course, I wasn’t going to them all.

One night prior to going to bed, I stepped into the bedroom, and I saw on the carpet, in front of where I would be stepping next, a scorpion. Although this did not come as a surprise, I thought to myself, I do not see too many on the carpet. I freaked a little, knowing it was in my bedroom!

I thought I needed a fly swat, so I took off into the kitchen, where I found one. Furthermore, I ran back to the bedroom just in time to see it starting to run under my bed! They were usually not in too big of a hurry to run, but this one was quite frisky and ran like its life depended on it! It’s like it could read my mind and knew it had to run! For Heaven’s sake!! All I could think of would be to sleep in the extra guest room tonight! Especially if this scorpion was not coming out!

I then thought, I needed a flashlight to shine under the bed to look for this menacing bug! I ran back to the kitchen and retrieved the flashlight.

I flashed the light under the bed and saw something shiny. Furthermore, I couldn’t even imagine what that could be, but I was intrigued. So I stuck my hand under the bed to get this shiny item (I did not see the scorpion) and grabbed it once found. It was my husband’s house key! I could not remember he had dropped his keys, and they fell under the bed until I found it that night. I vaguely remember him telling me about this a little before he got ill. It had never entered my mind since he told me about them falling.

Once I inspected the key, I had to laugh out loud. I said to my husband, out loud, “Honey, thank you for reminding me your house key was lost under the bed. You just did not have to use a scorpion as the messenger to get my attention!!! The Universe works in mysterious ways.

I know  you may think I am exaggerating, but I believe our loved ones can find ways of communicating with us once they have left this realm. At least it makes me feel better believing! A picture containing bird, ground, outdoor, standing Description automatically generated