The Magical Owl
January 9, 2024

One magically beautiful spring morning, I was getting ready for work. I noticed the birds were chirping loudly. It was mating season for most animals this time of year.

I continued to drink my morning coffee while watching the news of the day on the television.

I normally will not usually watch the news, but there was nothing on other than the news. I always got up at five a.m. to make sure I had enough time to be ready to drive the fifty-miles to work. I always wanted enough time to get there and not be late. The company I worked for was very strict about their employees being late. I’m sure you may know a few slackers as such.


There were three different ways I could travel to work. I took the one that was through the countryside. Less traffic, and much more rustic than the major highways.

I decided to go the rural route to work today. I wanted some peace before work, and the countryside never fails me when it comes to calming nature scenes.

Today I took the rural back road, Clouds Creek Church Road. It’s called this because there is a church on the road, dating back to 1778. Very historical, but still in service to our community. This is a very curvy two-lane road that many people take to cross-over from one highway to another.

As I came to the first curve, I spotted something sitting in the middle of the road. I slowed down, so I would not hit what was there. As I approached, it did not move, and I had to stop the car! It was an owl in the middle of the road! I was shocked that she did not move when I approached. Instead of making her move out of my way, I decided I had time to watch her for a bit. She just sat there in the road and acted like I was not there. She pecked at the road a little, then turned and looked straight at me, eye to eye. It was a magical moment for me.

She was beautiful. I wondered why she was on the road. I was mesmerized by this owl, and watched her for about ten minutes. I thought if I did not move soon, I would be late for work, so I started to let the car roll on its own toward the owl. She finally realized I was moving, so she flew up out of my way. I finally continued my journey to work.

While driving, I was contemplating why this animal would stop my journey into work. I finally realized that the universe works in mysterious magical ways. I, therefore, decided that this was the Universe’s way of protecting me on my daily commute. I do not know why I was stopped by this animal, but I feel this was the universe’s way of protecting me from an unforeseen danger, such as a car collision.


I am ever so grateful we have these magical forces, in the Universe, looking after us. One only needs to be aware and take time to notice.

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