The Hawk
January 3, 2024

The Hawk by Martha Meeks

I found a guided meditation on YouTube one day that I wanted to try. I like guided meditation. This helps to keep other incoming thoughts at bay, as I listen to the person guiding the meditation. I find my thoughts get in the way when I do this on my own. Today I picked a meditation online to bring in our animal spirit guides. We can learn a lot from our spirit animal guides. I was not sure what to expect, but was excited to learn what

animals would come into my mind’s view today. Each spirit guide comes with a message for those who seek their knowledge. I was looking for some good juju today.

As I started listening to the narrator, I could tell I was relaxing after a short series of deep breaths. It always feels great to feel one’s muscles relaxing. I usually don’t know how tense my muscles are until I meditate. The narrator of this meditation took us through a series for finding a

Place of peace. I took my mind into the woods. I find great peace within nature. I love the woods. There is such peace to be found in the life of a forest.

The narrator guided us to walk along a dirt road. I noticed there was a forest growing very large trees on either side of this road. This made the sky to be seen only as a beautiful, clear blue pathway between the tops of the trees. I kept looking until I saw a beautiful red-tailed hawk

flying above the trees with this blue sky as her background. Simply flying free and beautifully overhead.

It was shortly after, our narrator asked us to look toward the dirt road and see what animal was coming toward us. I had already guessed it would be the hawk!! It had already let me know she was my spirit guide. I felt so in tune with this animal guide. I felt she was rather attuned with me as well, since she showed herself before the narrator even mentioned looking for our animal guides on this dirt road. This was exciting for me as it confirmed that I have the capability of contact with my guides without a narrator.

After the meditation, I decided to look up the meaning of the hawk as a spirit guide.

The hawk spirit guide may help you achieve goals you may have. This bird signifies determination, clarity, focus, protection as well as leadership.  It indicates intelligence too. One’s spiritual awareness may increase and feel more balanced when you see a hawk. They are spiritual messengers of the Divine. When you see one, it means that the universe is trying to teach an important lesson to improve your spiritual knowledge.  Therefore, one needs to take a close look when you see a hawk. Especially if it comes to visit often.  Pay attention to the whole animal family. There are many animal guides, and you can have more than one.

If you are lucky enough, you will be able to understand their messages.

I was totally delighted I could experience such affirmations about ourselves during meditations.

Be aware if you notice a particular animal often. It could be one of your animal guides.