The Best Tarot Decks
February 6, 2024

Finding the right Tarot deck is a profoundly personal and meaningful journey. Choosing your first Tarot deck can be extremely difficult for most people because each deck speaks and resonates differently with everyone. So, in this article, we have set out to compile the best Tarot decks for beginners and experts alike. Here are the 5 best Tarot Decks available in the market:

1. The Modern Witch Tarot Deck by Lisa Sterle

This deck gives a modern refresh to the original Rider Deck. This deck is for our modern society, it is a feminine-based deck, and it is very inclusive of contemporary lifestyle, sexuality, and cultural backgrounds. It has very vibrant and beautiful colors, which makes it so appealing. The Modern Witch is a perfect Deck to start your journey.


2. Oriens Animal Tarot Deck by Ambi Sun

Oriens Animal Tarot Deck is the best deck for animal lovers. The animal representation in this work of art is 2nd to none. The animals have beautiful colors, and the landscapes it is set in are exquisite and pristine. This deck is so natural, and it makes you feel connected to your surroundings and every living thing. The book it comes with is also very comprehensive. This deck remains one of my all-time favorites.


3. Mystic Monday Tarot Deck by Grace Duong

Mystic Mondays is a very modern deck with a minimalistic and whimsical design with vibrant colors and a shiny holographic finish. There is attention to detail to each of the cards, and the manual it comes with is very well thought out. This deck will inspire you to start listening to your beautiful inner voice every day. It is also a perfect deck for beginners that helps with intuition.



4. Cat Tarot Deck by Megan Lynn Kott

The Cat Tarot is a fun, playful, and entertaining modern Tarot deck. It is very authentic with its feline theme. Each character is interpreted as a cat in this full-sized deck. This deck is perfect as a gift for any cat lover. It comes with a guidebook on how to get the most out of your Cat’s wisdom.



5. The Rider Tarot Deck by Arthur Edward Waithe and Pamela Colman smith

This deck remains the father of all tarot decks we know today. It is in a league of its own. This is the most common and well-known deck created by author Dr. Edward Waite and artist Pamela Colman Smith. These cards are known for their simple imagery, color scheme, and symbolism. Many people suggest Waite’s Deck for starters, as the cards’ meanings are often straightforward to understand.


Several interpretation guides exist in books and on the internet. Many decks come with a manual that defines each card’s most common interpretations. What’s important is that you get a deck that picks your interest and resonates with your being. The above decks are 5 of the best decks available and affordable to buy for beginners and experts.