The 22 Major Arcana And Their Meaning
February 7, 2024

The 22 major arcana are the most important cards of every tarot deck, wielding powerful spiritual intentions and significance. They are insightful cards that can stare into your very being and give intense revelation about yourself or others, so understanding the meaning of these cards will help boost your card reading abilities and get a clearer perspective on things.

1. The Fool

This card depicts absurdity, versatility, spontaneity, being young at heart, and being unpredictable.

2. The Wizard

Flexibility, exchange of opinions, potential, and independence are the words associated with the wizard, and drawing this card means you should clarify your ideas and trust your memory. Show your skills.

3. Priestess

Common sense, good memory, information, energy, neutral; this card symbolizes you should study flowers, gems, and their healing powers. Do not interfere in the lives of others. Spend a day contemplating the sea.

4. Empress

This card depicts empathy, Kindness, Wisdom, Caring, Family, Pregnancy, and Sympathy; it’s telling you to be aware of your body’s needs. Cultivate your creativity. Give love to everyone.

5. Emperor

Perseverance, power, sport, competition, courage, direction, and self-esteem are all attributes of the emperor. Pulling the emperor card means you should be hard-working and faithful to your goals. Don’t underestimate yourself, fight for your independence. Much like the card, you are destined for great things.

6. Hierophant

Hierarchy, ethics, vocation, honors, fraternity, and community are words used to describe this card. When drawn, the hierophant tells you to give credit to others, learn to listen, and create your rituals to gain courage and eliminate fear.

7. The Lovers

A passionate card that reveals an intense relationship, intimacy, closeness, consideration, fidelity, friendship, togetherness; It also advises you to avoid inappropriate encounters when looking for a lover. Talk openly with your partner.

8. The Chariot

This courageous card signifies confrontation, resolution, bond, maternal, selective, and strength. The chariot, when pulled, asks you to turn your space into a safe place. Learn to complete tasks. Protect your body and head from the sun.

9. Justice

A righteous card that portrays readjustment, diplomacy, guilt, pact, penalty, punishment, sentence; This card is boldly asking you to be impartial and objective. Fight against injustices. Seek balance and equality.

10. The Hermit

The hermit has been associated with words like estimate, appraisal, modest, thinker, reserved, and selective words. It conveys that the querent should lend a hand when needed and do not harm people of goodwill. Look for the goodness in people.

11. The wheel of fortune

The wheel of fortune symbolizes cycles, charity, gift, abundance, a test of faith, sociability, and cheerfulness. Value your good fortune. The wheel invites you to wish others good luck and do not promise what you can’t deliver.

12. Strength

Strength is a card that expresses compassion, generosity, courage, pride, creativity, and loyalty. This card says to light a candle to renew your bonds with fire, Put your knowledge into action.

13. The Hanged Man

Obedient, visions, selflessness, haze, calm, and sacrifice all explain what the hanged man represents. When drawn, the hanged man tells you not to be influenced by public opinion. Don’t let them tell you what to do or think. Seek the truth, don’t listen to gossip.

14. Death

This card encompasses secrets, resurrection, enigma, depth, pain and pleasure, terror, and change. It explains that there is no reason to fear change. Learn to overcome losses and move on. If you fail, try again.

15. Temperance

Honest, energetic, enlightened, fusion, and mission; are all defining words for the temperance card. It guides you to practice self-correction. If you can’t do it alone, seek help.

16. The devil

The devil card is associated with thinking, reflection, comparison, future, respect, prudent, disciplined, reserve. This card enlightens you to learn to laugh at your problems. Be kind to yourself and others. Learn to love.

17. The tower

The tower symbolizes sudden agitation, warning, startling, impetuous You must be prepared for when problems arise. Don’t suppress anger; direct it. Change the old ways.

18. The star

Anchor, airplane, innovators, ideals, communion, and possibilities are words used to describe this card. It shows that you should restore peace. Learn to recycle and reduce waste.

19. The Moon

Analyze dreams. The moon signifies deep knowledge, Sacrifice, maternal sensitivity, and inciting. When pulled, it means you should be aware of your reactions and feelings. Remember that your fears will not be fulfilled.

20. The Sun

The sun portrays authenticity, beauty, brightness, vividness, harmony, love, and ultimate. The sun invites you to trust your creativity and encourages you to express it from a genuine and confident joy that stimulates the hearts of others.

21. The judgment

A just and decisive card; that asks you to temper justice with mercy and be more flexible. Do not judge others or yourself.

22. The world

The world constitutes work, duty, history, wisdom, and reliability. Be grateful for your success. It reminds you to help those who have helped you. Act with confidence.