Rose Quartz
January 16, 2024

Welcome back everyone! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall weather we are having. The leaves are crisp and hitting the ground with quick speed this year.

Today I want to speak of Rose Quartz. This is the ever so abundant transparent, milky pink quartz that is associated with joyful and loving feelings. It’s all about feelings. We all want to feel joy as well as love.

I like to meditate with a Pink Quartz in my hand. It helps to relax my mind while breathing deeply. It helps me to take a look at any situation with love in my heart. It helps me to place not so good feelings with love. It helps to keep you calm and peaceful during times of emotional chaos or confrontation. Some even feel it is quite useful in emotional healing.

Pink Quartz comes from countries like Brazil, India, Japan, United States, South Africa and Madagascar.  You can often find polished stones or cut into pieces for specific jewelry such as rings, necklaces or earrings. This stone is a close color to the root and heart chakra; therefore, jewelry can be placed near these areas to help keep these chakras open while wearing them. Sleeping with one under one’s pillow will help promote good sleep. When someone wears a necklace with Rose Quartz, they could be hoping to keep their heart open to love. It’s a way to say to the world you are ready for the possibilities of love which will bring joy. It’s also a reminder for Self-Love. It’s hard to love someone else, unless they love themselves first. This stone will foster unconditional and self-love. Some believe this stone will help love find you and may even help promote pregnancy. Placed around the house, Rose Quartz will promote a loving atmosphere for family and pets.

Rose Quartz is all about the vibrations of harmony, joy and Love. It will vibrate enough energy to fill any room with warm and unconditional love. If you have any ideas that you want to seek love, then this is the stone you need to keep on your person. Whether in the form of jewelry around your neck or just a small stone in your pockets, you will continue to receive the loving vibrations of Love all day long.

Good companion crystals such as Green Citrine, Green Aventurine, or an Emerald can be used for great positive vibration into one’s life. The combinations can bring about the calmness you may be seeking. When using other heart related stones to your mix, you can also learn to attract other great vibrations, such as abundance and prosperity.

So if you are interested in healing from a past failed love, or are looking for a new exciting adventure of prosperity, joy and love, I suggest you wear Rose Quartz. I get a huge amount of pleasure wearing Rose Quartz and I know you will benefit from its vibrations too. Drop me a note and let me know if this small blog has been helpful or if you have any questions. Have a great week and enjoy this lovely Fall weather! I would love hearing from you.