My Bicycle
January 13, 2024

Hello  guys. Welcome to all magical things I told you I had other stories about manifestations. Well here’s the next one I hope you enjoy it.

When I was just a little tyke,  I wanted a bike so badly, I felt like I could taste it. I asked my mom and dad if they would buy me a bike and I was told that we could not afford it. Seems like every time I asked for something I was always told the same thing, we could not afford it. This kind of talk to children is what makes them know they’ll never ever have any money because their parents didn’t have any. This makes it feel like nobody has any. But of course we know this is not true.  It’s just another way for your parents to put up another wall so they don’t have to spend any money. At least this is how I felt about it.

So back to the bike.  I was very disappointed that my parents wouldn’t even consider getting me a bike. So I made up my own mind that I was going to get my own bike through magic.  I thought that if I wished Upon A Star for wishes, that I could wish for a bike and it would come to me.  Of course I made rules about this for myself. I told myself that I would wish upon a star the first star I saw tonight and I would wish for my bike. And then I wouldn’t look at the star again because I knew if I looked at the star again, it wouldn’t bring the bike to me.  I was quite diligent every night Wishing Upon the first star I saw that night. I can’t remember exactly how many days I did this but it was quite a few. It could have been a month or two. I don’t recall. What I do recall is the day my mother came to me and told me that we were getting one of her girlfriend’s son’s bike. Her son had outgrown the bike I was getting! I was so excited with the prospect of having my own bike I didn’t care how it looked or what it was. As long as it had two wheels a seat and handlebars, I would be good to go. I was so very excited the day we went to pick it up.

Of course it was a boy’s bicycle. You know the ones that have the bar in the middle. I didn’t even care that it had the bar in the middle. I didn’t even care it was a boy’s bike. I had a bicycle at last! Thank you stars above!  It was also shorter than most bikes were at that time. That didn’t matter to me, it actually helped because I’m a short person anyway and a short child at the time. It was perfect. I had that bike for years it was wonderful.  Everything I imagined it to be! I was so very happy!!!

I thanked the stars that night for their delivery of my most magical possession. I road that bike every where. Of course this was a simpler time. Parents wanted us outside and not inside bothering them. It was a much safer place on this planet when I was growing up.

At the time, I did not realize that I had manifested this bike. I often wondered how that happens. I read about manifestation as an adult about seven years ago, and realized this is what I had accomplished. I finally had a name for my chanting, prayer, or what ever you want to call “it”. I just knew it worked. I have never tried to manifest anything since the bike. I never felt as emotionally strong about anything as much as I had about having a bike. I believe when you emotionally feel something so strongly, you can manifest anything you want! Be careful what you ask for, you just may get it!!