Infinite Grace  Healing
January 27, 2024

A few months ago I took a healing class from a spiritual leader and friend I’ve known for sometime now.  She receives messages from Mother Mary. She was taught these healing techniques from the spiritual realm. She calls it Infinite Grace Healing. I was lucky enough to be invited to take her first class. There were three separate Saturdays we attended class for Infinite Grace Healing. The first we did some reviews on our Arch Angels and discovered each one’s duty consisted of. The second week we reviewed our knowledge of the Seven Chakras and what their energy controls within us. We also learned how to check the energies of each of these Chakras with our pendulums.  Unlike the usual way the pendulum works for “yes” or “no” questions, the pendulum will swing in a circle while mimicking the circular energy flow of the Chakra. This is not always the case though, therefore Chakra Healing, or here we call it Infinite Grace Healing occurs. This is just a quick explanation of why we do this healing.

Now to get on past all the small details, but to bring you to the story I want to tell you in the first place. During my third class we were asked to pick a partner for practicing our newly learned technique. I was placed with a young woman of 26. She is so spiritual and gifted with many talents. I was happy to work with her today. I felt happy to work with her because she was still young which would make her more sensitive. At least this is what I was thinking.

We moved to our healing area. I asked to be first and this beautiful young lady started working her magic onto me. The first thing she asked me after she finished balancing my chakras was a question, “You are unsteady on your feet?” Of course I had to answer “Yes’’. I was having some pain caused by my arthritis that day. It did keep me unsteady. That was impressive. She did not mention anything else. I started my session with this young lady at this point in time. I’ve never tried Reiki or any other type of healing on someone before. After I checked for non-flowing chakras, I continued to give healing from the Divine to this young woman.  After she came to herself, she looked at me and stated she saw the Guardian Angel Michael. She asked if he was the warrior Guardian Angel? I told her he is. She then said, “I saw him! He is huge!! His wing span is tremendous and I saw nothing but feathers behind him. His whole army was behind him! All I could see behind him was row after row of white feathers!” I was set back a bit by this statement. Then she continued to have a query look on her face when she asked, “How did you do that?” I thought at first, that I did not do that, but then the thought came to me that I must have if she is thinking I did! So then I thought about what to tell her. I was flooded with the thoughts of some bad times I felt I needed protection, so I told her about what was taking place during another time of life when I felt and prayed for all ArchAngels and as many of the regular angels and then some. I probably did this for a two year period of time everyday. She understood and then she went to raise up off the table she was lying on. As she rose we heard a very loud “Pop” come from her spine. She immediately says “That felt good!!” Then she told me she had been in a bad car accident years ago as a teen and hurt her back in several places. I told her we must have fixed it today. She smiled and we ended our secession together. I was in awe of the fact she saw these guardians during her session. The feeling of reassurance my guardians were always with me and easily called in, is an emotion I have a hard time explaining. I was extremely thankful to this young lady for allowing me to conduct this service for her. I know I feel I received much more from her than I expected. Feeling so grateful for this spiritual experience today!