Cat Communication
January 15, 2024

I have three dogs. One morning at three a.m., in the dead of Winter, they started barking their bloody hands off. This would wake me immediately.  Once awake, I can hear what they were barking at.  It is one of my outside cats, Tiger Bay. He is calling me like crazy. I could not find him anywhere. I certainly could hear him, but did not see him outside. When I came back inside from this cold night, one of my dogs was sniffing by the floor crate of the heating ducts system.

When I inspected what she was sniffing, Tiger Bay once again called out for” Help!”

Walked over to the duct covering on the floor and heard Tiger Bay call out again.

I figured his call was coming inside the duct system! I wondered how the heck he got into the duct system. I did not see him, but heard him.

I figured he had to find his way and thought he would come to me if I crawled under the house and called to him. This was a grand undertaking at three in the morning. I had to first crawl under the low-lying deck that led to the opening of the crawl space. It was freezing outside, and I was not looking forward to crawling under the house.

First I found an old sheet to lay down on the ground under the deck. Then, as I crawled under the deck, I had to keep moving the sheet to keep my p.j.s dirtless. I finally made it to the crawl space opening and started calling to Tiger Bay. I did not want to crawl under the house, so I called from the opening.  I did not get a reply. I called and called and stayed there until I could not stand the cold any longer. Once I crawled out from the deck, I went back inside to see if I could still hear his call again.

I checked the floor grate once again when I came inside from the crawl space. I called Tiger Bay, and he returned the call back. It was more like a stress call this time. I kept calling him. He finally crawled up the duct where I was standing. I pulled the crate off this duct and I could see his nose. He was coming my way! I started calling him again to let him know I was there to help and to keep coming this way.

It worked, only one problem, he had one leg up by his face and the other still down. This was an impossible position to be in because I could not pick him up. There was not enough room in the duct where he was caught. Then I remembered what I learned when I went to a living room class about animal communication. How we need to picture in our minds what you want to tell the animal you are communicating with. I thought about this for a minute. I proceeded to think and pictured my thoughts to Tiger Bay. I told him he needed to bring out his other arm above his head like the other one, so I could pull him out by the nap of his neck. I even remember showing him what I wanted while I pictured this in my mind. Well, I want you to know how surprised I was when he proceeded to do just this. I reached down and pulled him out by the nap of his neck. Just as I had asked!

Wow!! I needed no more convincing that we really can communicate through intuition and pictured thoughts with our animals.

Once I got Tiger out of the duct, I put him outside again and hoped he would not repeat this again. The dogs and I went back to bed without any more disruptions to our sleep.