Black Squirrel Spiritual Meaning
January 7, 2024

I saw a black squirrel today. I’ve seen a couple during my lifetime, so when I see one, I get really excited. I thought it was a skunk when I first saw it hopping along the grassy side of the road I was driving.  At first glance, I thought it was a skunk. It was not moving like a skunk, but like a squirrel.  This was when I realized I was seeing a black squirrel and not a black skunk.  I live in the state of Georgia and we do not have many black squirrels, but only a gray species. I have found that the gray squirrels have a mutation in their DNA that comes to the surface on rare occasions. It does not happen too often, this little quirk of nature. That is why I get excited when I see a black squirrel. They are rare here. The first thing I thought was how lucky I had been to see this little black guy. Then I thought about looking up the spiritual meaning when I returned home. Below are a few things I found of interest.

A black squirrel is said to be a symbol of good luck. It can mean change is coming. According to some believers, when you see a black squirrel, you are going to have good fortune. This could be due to your personal talents and abilities.  After all, you must be aware and observant to see one of these small black creatures in the wild. It means you are paying attention to things around you.

It has been observed that the black squirrel is a bit of a loner. They are not as social as the gray squirrels. Therefore, one might consider spending some time with family or friends because you too may be a bit of a recluse and may be spending too much time alone.

A rare black squirrel can be asking us to think outside the box. They show us how to use our intelligence and to be resourceful. These squirrels are known to be able to adapt to their ever changing environment. It is rare that you see a squirrel standing still. They use a lot of energy whether they are working or playing. If you encounter this animal, it means that you have been blessed with high energy. Shamans believe that squirrels show us how to let go of the past baggage we carry so we can move forward without inhibitions.

As all is said, the spiritual meaning of the black squirrel is balance, preparation, fun, and keeping things on the light side. They help us to detach from things that no longer serve us. This helps to continue to move forward in our lives.

I feel extremely happy I was blessed by the appearance of this beautiful, energetic, and very busy beautiful black squirrel today. So lucky to have been chosen to see one of my spirit guides in the flesh today and glad to have a better understanding of this little creature. Little in size, but very large in every other way!