9 Things To Know About The Gardening Business
January 6, 2024

Starting a gardening business may have crossed your mind if you enjoy planting and tending to plants. Also, having a green thumb is one sure way to feel you are on the right track to a career as a gardener.

A gardener’s job involves constant digging, watering, trimming, and others to give your clients a beautiful home they can be proud of. You shouldn’t consider taking up gardening as a business if you genuinely do not care for these activities. However, we wrote this article for you if you enjoy doing them. Before diving headfirst into becoming a professional gardener, here are nine things to know about the gardening business.

  • Ensure that you’re in good shape to work. The job of a gardener is physically demanding, and as such, you need to be up to the challenge. The tasks of cutting, pruning, mowing, and lifting equipment require quite a bit of physical strength. Taking up cardiovascular and strength training before starting might make the process easier.
  • Your income is not fixed. As with many other career choices largely dependent on clients’ jobs, the payment you make is not guaranteed. It is also worthy to note that there is a likelihood that demands for your services will reduce during the winter months. Having a backup plan for times when business is a bit slow will keep you afloat for longer.
  • You need to get yourself protective clothing to protect yourself against the harmful effects of the sun. Health hazards like skin cancer might occur if you fail to clothe yourself properly. Sunburns and faster aging are also possible if you do not take the pains to suit yourself up properly.
  • As an outdoor worker, you need to regularly stay hydrated by taking fluids. To reduce the chances of dehydration, make it a habit of moving around with a water bottle constantly. This will keep you energized and active while getting your fingers green.
  • You will need essential gardening tools to begin as your clients will expect you to have your own set of equipment and tools. While there are expensive options, you can start small and gradually scale your business. These essential tools include shovel, wheelbarrows, rake, watering can, spade, etc.
  • You need a license and insurance to operate legally as a business. We recommend you check out with the small business association of your state to know what you need to get started.
  • The constant bending, squatting, and other repetitive motion involved in gardening might result in back and joint pains if you aren’t used to it. We recommend that you gradually ease yourself into the work so your joints can get more natural at the motions.
  • You need to market your services to your intending clients. Tools like a business card and website are necessary to show professionalism and competence.
  • You might consider a degree in landscape architecture to increase your earning capacity. With this degree, you can take on projects requiring building fountains, irrigation systems, etc.


Gardening is a business model where you’re almost assured of a constant influx of clients. However, to make headway in the profession, you need to be reliable and offer a fair rate.