8 Must-have Gardening Tools
January 13, 2024

If you’re new to gardening, you may get overwhelmed by the number of must-have gardening tools here are on the internet. Nevertheless, it’s important that you buy the best, quality tools within your budget and ensure you do a thorough job maintaining them. With this approach, you wouldn’t need to overcrowd your storage space or spend so much on tools purchase. Regular maintenance will also ensure that the tools last you for a long time.

Here are 8 gardening tools that you would need for any gardening project.

1. Pruning Shears and loopers

You need pruners and loopers to cut plants that are getting too long. or growing out of control. There are two types of them called the anvil-style and the bypass pruners & loopers. You should use anvil pruners to cut deadwood and bypass pruners for live plants and wood. Your pruners should be a size that fits in your hands.

The main difference between a pruner and a lopper is that the latter have long handles, making it easy to cut hard-to-reach plants and thicker branches.

2. Gloves

It would be best to have durable, water-resistant, proper-fitting gloves with long cuffs to prevent you from cuts and splinters.

3. Spade

They are handy tools that you can use for digging holes, moving dirt, and edging and lifting soil, among other functions. Consider buying spades made from aluminum or lighter materials if you’d be digging for short periods and to avoid back pain.

4. Hand trowel

For easy transplanting, you need a broad-bladed stainless steel trowel. It would be best to choose a hand trowel that fits well into your hand and has sharp blades that might come in handy when cutting shrubs.

5. Hoe

The particular type of hoe you need depends on what you’re planting in your garden. You might require a wide hoe for a vegetable garden, while a perennial garden might require a much thinner one. It would help if you had hoes to prepare flower beds and cut weeds.

6. Wheelbarrow

You can use wheelbarrows to move compost, mulch, and anything around. It is a particularly useful tool as you can easily haul around a few hundred pounds. Two models are available: the dual-handle, single-wheel, and the single-handle, two-wheel type. We recommend getting the latter as it is easier to balance and particularly great for uneven terrains.

7. Watering wand

Watering wands come in different lengths, and you should consider your needs before purchasing one. They are particularly good for watering hanging plants and water plants that the nozzle of your watering can cannot reach.

8. Watering can

Watering cans are either made of plastic or metal. When buying one, you should consider the size relative to your strength and the placement of the handle. The handle should be such that it is easy to carry, and water flows easily when tipped.

Gardening with proper tools makes the whole experience enjoyable. With these eight basic tools in your shed, you will have little need for any other complex tool.